Back and Neck Pain

Scientific Research shows that chiropractic treatment is a highly effective form of treatment for neck and low back pain.  Neck and low back pain are the most common conditions that we treat at Chan Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

The efficacy of spinal manipulative therapy  for low back and neck pain was analyzed in the May 2004 issue of The Spine Journal after a systematic review of sixty-nine randomized clinical trials.  They found that Spinal Manipulation, a unique form of treatment chiropractic doctors are uniquely trained to perform, is just as or more effective than most other forms of treatment such as general practitioner care, mobilization/physical therapy, rehabilitative exercise, and NSAID pain medication.

Acute Low Back Pain:There is moderate evidence that Spinal Manipulative Therapy provides more short-term pain relief than Mobilization and detuned diathermy.
Chronic Low Back Pain:There is moderate evidence that Spinal Manipulative Therapy has an effect similar to an efficacious prescription ofnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Spinal Manipulative Therapy/Mobilization is effective in the short term when compared with placebo and general practitioner care, and in the long term compared to physical therapy.
Mix of Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain:  Spinal Manipulative  Therapy/Mobilization provides either similar or better pain outcomes in the short and long term when compared with placebo and with other treatments, such as McKenzie therapy, medical care, management by physical therapists, soft tissue treatment and back school.
Chronic Neck Pain:There is moderate evidence that Spinal Manipulative Therapy/Mobilization is superior to general practitioner management for short-term pain reduction but that Spinal Manipulative Therapy offers at most similar pain relief to high-technology rehabilitative exercise in the short and long term.
Mix of acute and chronic Neck PainThere is moderate evidence that Spinal Manipulative Therapy in both the short and long term is similar to Mobilization and superior to physical therapy and family physician care.
Spine J. 2004 May-Jun;4(3):335-56.

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