Patients have expressed their thanks to the doctors and staff at Chan Chiropractic. Some have even published thank you notes in local newspapers and magazines. Here are a few of them:



About 18 months ago I had my first appointment with Dr. Casey at Chan Chiropractic, who came recommended by my wife and a colleague of mine.  I had previously seen another chiropractic provider and was not pleased with the service I received.  Chan Chiropractic was another story.  I was impressed with Dr. Casey’s thorough evaluation, her genuine caring nature, and her ability to help.  I am a physical therapist by profession, and I certainly appreciated Dr. Casey’s effectiveness and her desire to improve my wellness, rather than creating a need for ongoing appointments.  She is ethical and honest, and will let you know if she can continue to help you or if you can maintain your level of progress through a home program.  I recently returned to Dr. Casey and even though it’s been a while, the same great service continues.  There is no pressure and pricing is straightforward so you don’t have to wonder what each session will cost.  Chan Chiropractic also recommends and offers several orthopedic products to help maintain your skeletal alignment.  I trust Dr. Casey and highly recommend making an appointment for evaluation should you be in need of some physical relief.  You have little to lose and a great deal to gain.

–Mr. N.G., 11/12/2012


Ms. RH had persistent, moderate, chronic pain in the jaw and shoulder and troubled breathing for over 2 years despite receiving care from 2 medical doctors. Ms. RH came to my clinic to see if chiropractic could help her.

After 3 months of upper body and jaw treatment, Ms. RH states, “[the] pain from the TMJ is gone, [the] breathing went back to normal, [and] my health became better.” Ms. RH continues, “I am a runner and my doctor helps me a lot to accomplish my goals. People out there with problems like me, try chiropractic. It works.” Ms. RH just completed the 2009 Rock-and-Roll marathon.

–RH, 09/02/2009


Mr. Yung-Shu Lin was suffering with moderate to severe headaches for 3 months. He received treatment from medical doctors at the emergency room, urgent care and a medical office. He was prescribed 3 different types of pain killers without real resolution of his problem. One of his doctors also told him to massage his temples when he felt the pain. This was also ineffective.

Because of the severe pain he felt, he was unable to go back to work, which meant not having any income. On August 18, 2009 Mr. Lin came to see Dr. Allen Chan, and in “less than 15 minutes” it was apparent that the treatment was effective. “It was great. After the first treatment, I haven’t [gotten] any headaches so far. I think I’ll [be] able to get back to work within the next few days.” Mr. Lin completed his treatment soonafter and returned to his normal daily activities and work as he expected.

— Yung-Shu Lin, 2009


“[Dr.] Casey has been an excellent chiropractor for me these past two years. As well as helping me with the immediate pains I experienced, she helped me figure out ways to keep the pain away for good. I first started seeing her for an ankle injury that had been causing me problems for a few years, and over time we’ve been able to move to other injuries I had simply grown used to living with.

[Dr.] Casey has also made me feel welcomed and appreciated in her office. My monthly visits are a joy.”

–Carl M., 2007 Patient since 2006


“I went to see [Dr.] Casey on a recommendation for my lower back pains. She was fantastic – each office visit left me feeling rejuvinated (and pain free). [Dr.] Casey was very detailed in her explanation of my treatment plan, and answered any questions that I had. The two convenient office locations and Saturday hours (with a bit of flexibility from [Dr.] Casey) made it easy for me to follow through with the treatment.”

–Jocelyn E., 2007 Patient since 2005


“My neck and back was badly injured in a car accident. Luckily, I got your treatment and was recovered in about three months. I was very impressed by your professional treatment, excellent skill, chiropractic knowledge, kindness and smile! I’d be very happy to be a reference for people seeking chiropractic treatment.

Thanks again,

–Gary Z, 2007


“I came to Dr. Chan to look at me because I had some back problems. Dr. Chan gave me an exam and I told her that my middle back was hurting bad. I also came because I had problems grinding my teeth. She started giving me a jaw and head massage come to find out that I was holding all of my stress in my head that was giving me my back pain as well. After a few visits with her I saw and felt a great improvement. Dr. Chan helped my pain go away and also the stress that made me feel so bad.

Thank you Dr. Chan”

–Tammy Brown, 2006


“Before visiting Dr. Casey Chan, I had been struggling with 3 injuries, torn hamstring, torn glut muscle, and in the process discovered a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. I struggled with this pain for 3 – 4 months before it showed some improvement, then reaggravated it. I was going to my physical therapist for treatment and my doctor for drugs to help with the pain. The PT was no more than just a stretching coach. I believe the PT had the right idea just wasn’t aggressive enough in the treatment. Dr. Chan suspected that it was the torn muscles that were giving me the pain, and we both hoped that it wasn’t the herniated disc. She told me that she had seen a lot of cases of herniated discs where the patient showed no symtoms of pain. So she proceeded with treatment, a combination of deep tissue massage and electronic stimulation. The treatment initially caused more pain, but she had explained that she was trying to break up scar tissue and to elongate the muscle that had probably healed back short. But after some time and sticking with the treatment I am back on the basketball court and playing volleyball much earlier than I had expected to.”

–JH, July 2006


“As a professional dancer, I’ve had numerous injuries and have depended on chiropractic to get me back performing. My chiropractors have been able to feel my injuries with their hands and correct them as well as educate me about how I can take better care of my body. I appreciate the scientific basis of the method and the focus on whole-body wellness, not just curing isolated problems.”

— Selena Chau


“[It has been] very helpful with all parts of the spine. Almost thought about surgery when I had serious pain. Had also some distorted neck vertebrae which were properly aligned again. I’m now under treatment for almost 3 years and Dr. Chan brought me in good shape and maintains it.”

— Dr. Peter Witerzens


“I’m pretty active in martial arts and sports, so I’m always hurting with joint or back problems. I’m not in the San Diego area anymore, but whenever I am, I always stop by Chan Chiropractic to get checked up and fixed up.”



— Alex Lin, We Chinese in America, p. 38, April 2006


— Mr. Lin of Sorrento European Bakery, 2004


— Mr. Yu, American Chinese Times, November 4, 1996