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Keep Manipulation a Specialized Practice – SB 381

Keep Manipulation a Specialized Practice – SB 381

SB 381, authored by Senator Leland Yee, would prohibit a health care practitioner from performing joint manipulation and spinal adjustment unless he or she is a licensed chiropractor, physician/surgeon or osteopathic physician/surgeon.

This legislation is supported by the chiropractic profession so that the practice of manipulation stays as it has been for decades.

There have been instances in the U.S. where a Doctor in Physical Therapy has put on seminars to train other physical therapists to do joint manipulation (adjustments) in a weekend seminar.  This is not how joint manipulation should be taught or learned.  Chiropractic doctors are educated and trained for years by accredited colleges to do joint manipulation safely and effectively.   Chiropractic doctors are also required to do joint manipulation training in their post-graduate continuing education annually.

You, the public, would probably agree that you don’t want someone who is not specially trained in joint manipulation to “adjust” your neck or back.  We ask that you e-mail your state legislator to support SB 381.  Thank you.

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