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Where can I go to get Nutrition information for my food?

Where can I go to get Nutrition information for my food?

I have patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes and other health concerns where physical complaints and diet affect their daily and long-term health.  Some patients try to cut down on sugar,  fat and cholesterol; others avoid certain foods they have found to flare up their pain.

I often refer my patients to NutritionData.com as a tool for their care.  It is a great website, very pleasing to the eye and with lots of useful information.

Believe it or not, Nutritiondata.com was put together by CondéNet, a digital publisher under the Condé Nast Publications umbrella.  Conde Nast publishes magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wired, and epicurious.com.  Despite this seemingly odd combination, Nutritiondata.com is definitely not just for looks.

When you search for a food item, such as “granola bar,” you are asked to make a selection to be more specific.  For example, is the granola bar hard and plain, soft with raisins, or a Kellogg’s Low Fat Granola Bar?

Once you select the more specific food item, aside from the typical package label USDA nutritional data, you are given information about its nutrient balance, protein quality, Caloric ratio, and fullness factor in a graphical representation.  Furthermore, the food’s inflammation factor, estimated glycemic load, and detailed vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, cholesterol, and caffeine information are presented.  Selections are also available for different serving sizes.

Other features of NutritionData include the ability to create a personal account to 1) track the recipes and foods you most commonly use and consume and to 2) create a daily log of what you ate and compare it to your goals.

In the help section of the website, the nutrition terminology is explained.

While nutritiondata.com is not a substitute for your relationship with your doctor, it is a great tool to supplement and improve your care.  Check out nutritiondata.com sometime.  You’ll be impressed.

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