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Knee Pain due to other Causes

Knee Pain due to other Causes

Most people think of knee pain as being caused by the knee. But the fact is that the pain can be a symptom caused from problems in other areas.

For example, inner knee pain can be caused by flat feet. When you have flat feet (fallen arches), the lower leg rotates in and more stress is placed on the inner part of your knee. Over time this stress can lead to chronic knee pain. Even normal daily activities such as walking can aggravate the pain.

Another example of knee pain caused by problems in other areas is when torsion in the pelvis results in one hip joint being higher than the other. Because the hip joint height is altered, one leg appears and acts longer than the other. This results in uneven walking forces. With the added force in the knee, people are more prone to feeling joint pain.

And finally patellar tendinitis, identified by pain below the knee cap with knee bending and jumping, can be caused by quadricep muscle strain, shortness, scar tissue, tension or spasm. The anatomy of the knee region is such that the patellar tendon attaches the knee cap to the lower leg. The knee cap also attaches to the quadricep muscle through the quadricep tendon. Therefore, pulling of the quadricep muscle pulls the quadricep tendon, which in turn pulls the knee cap and the patellar tendon. Any scar tissue, strain, spasm, tension, or shortness along this entire chain can lead to abnormal stress or irritation of the patellar tendon, leading to patellar tendinitis.

These are three examples where problems in other areas away from the knee can cause knee pain. Looking at knee pain from the bigger picture, the biomechanics and anatomy of the body, we can enlighten any situation so that problems can be solved more effectively and quickly.

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