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Honorary Circle Interview: Dr. Allen Chan

Honorary Circle Interview: Dr. Allen Chan

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The Summer 2004 issue of the San Diego Chinese Historical Society and Museum journal includes an interview with Dr. Allen Chan, written by museum staff Drew Oberjuerge. Here is an excerpt:

“On the wall of Dr. Allen Chan’s chiropractic office on Convoy, hang two banners that read, “Hua Tuo Lives Again.” The name Hua Tuo, the legendary doctor of the Three Kingdom Periods, is bestowed only upon those who show exceptional medicinal and healing skills. Dr. Allen Chan received these banners and bright Thai puppets from grateful patients.”

“…It is agreed in both arenas, Chan offers top quality service. It was this desire to offer people the best that chartered Chan’s career as a chiropractor… Chan was a pharmactist at one time– he graduated from the University of Utah and practiced in Los Angeles but decided to change careers to become a chiropractor. The change in heart happened when he met a chiropractor.”

“‘Chiropractors can cure people of their pain and sufferings by correcting the vertebral misalignments– to the same type of people that I as a pharmactist prescribed muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, or nerve pills,’ said Chan.”

“…San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is very honored to have a doctor, businessman, and community leader in its Honorary Circle.”

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